Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lots o' pictures

Just want to catch up a little in between my vomiting spells. Here are some pictures and a little bit of writing.

A beautiful day in October, we went to the park and then walked down to the neighborhood retention pond (actually John took the kids while I took a nap, but then I joined them later and helped take pictures).

We took a (very) quick trip to Ohio to visit John's Mom, unfortunately, our battery died right after we took this picture. We had a great visit and enjoyed beautiful weather.

We got tickets to the Notre Dame vs. Boston College game, and our whole family went and enjoyed the festivities. It was cold, drizzly, and pretty miserable, but ND won and it was an exciting game!

For Halloween Garrett was Huck Finn, Hannah was half angel/half devil (very appropriate for her quickly changing moods) and Kevin was a red Ninja Storm Power Ranger.

Our friend Sarah came over with her family, and we had so much fun catching up with them, and Garrett especially loved playing with little A. I think he would be just as happy with a new little sister as he would with a little brother.

Kevin had his 4th birthday. He was looking forward to it for a long time, and I don't think he was disappointed. He got a lot of presents, and he asked for a "HUGE" cake so I just put it in a sheet cake pan.

Hannah was in a kid's production of "Annie" and she had a total blast. She loved being on stage, acting, and especially singing. She did really well.

Once again, John and Garrett outshone the competition at the pinewood derby. This time, they put battery-operated headlights in it, with a toggle switch to turn it off and on. John taught Garrett all about electricity, relays, and switches, and I'm not really sure what else. The car did not race very well, unfortunately, but you can see his peers thought it was pretty amazing to look at.