Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some quick pictures

Life is good. Jack is the perfect baby, no joke. Good sleeper, good eater, smiley and happy, healthy. We have had some visitors who all agree with me, or at least they were too afraid I would kick them out if they didn't agree. John's new job is interesting and not too stressful. He also got a new calling at church as an early-morning seminary teacher. The other kids are all having a fun summer with lots of swimming and other activities. Our niece Caitlin is staying with us to help out. We went to Six Flags on Saturday and had fun until we were ready to drop.

The only thing I can complain about is our basement flooded on Tuesday. Our sump pump failed and our battery backup pump worked its little heart out until the battery went dead. Luckily, the kids found out quickly that the basement was wet, and Caitlin called John who works only 15 minutes away and he got home fast and stopped the flood. We're still in the clean up process, but it's moving along just fine.

Here are some cute pictures. We take a picture on their month-birthday, so you can see Jack's growth.

Isn't Jack the cutest chubby-wubby baby that there ever was?

And doesn't Kevin look so grown up with his summer cut? It's the first time we've buzzed his hair. John did it right after the baby was born and it has been great to not have to worry about his hair. Now if only I could do the same to Hannah. . . .