Sunday, March 20, 2011

Busy busy

Jack is growing older. He can now walk, crawl, wave, clap, yell, scream, give great hugs, find the tiniest scrap of trash and taste it, play in the basement with his siblings, and over all be a joy to the whole family. A friend of ours mentioned how much he looks like Kevin, and we agree.

Notice how the corner of the paper is eaten. Jack loves eating paper and its a battle to ensure all paper is out of reach!

In the matter of a few months he got 7 teeth! This is a goofy fun face but it shows off his teeth, so I added it.

Our baby is eating real food! Wow how time goes by quickly...soon we'll have to stop calling him the "baby" and start calling him the "toddler"

Here is Jack and Kevin hanging out together, donning the cool pj's!

Here are each of our kids at 8 or 9 month old. Can you tell who is who? Who looks most alike?