Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Because I'm old and un-hip like that

We got a karaoke machine for Christmas and my kids have had a great time singing along to the Beatles, Journey, and even some church music. But after they had some friends over, I’ve realized that we need some new music that other kids will know. It was a little embarrassing for them to try to get their friends excited about Yellow Submarine and Wheel in the Sky (my kids know these by heart, is that weird?) Unfortunately, I am sadly out of date with music (hence beatles and journey). So what music out there is kid friendly, fun, clean, and I guess popular? Do I need to get some Hannah Montana? Who are the current faves?

Here are some pictures to look at while you think:

The kids built a snowman

And we went back to Nauvoo, this time with the kids and met up with their best friends and shared log cabin with them. It was a ton of fun!