Thursday, July 24, 2008

What a Month

This month was not as we had planned, I guess that's called life. Recently there have been two sad things that have happened to our families. So with that in mind we have not been doing a good job posting things here.

Near the end of June my Mom was in a car accident. She got hit head on in the middle of the afternoon by a drunk driver on a state highway. She's been in the hospital with a broken pelvic book, fractured leg, a blood clot, and some bruising. Two weekends ago I went out there (Ohio) to help her set up her apartment since she was released from the hospital. She is doing tons better but will not be able to put any weight on her leg until September so she has to use a wheel chair until then.

As you may recall Lajuana’s Mom had an aggressive melanoma cancer removed and consequently had some lymph nodes removed several months back. She has been checked out every month and had a CAT scan just two months ago. However, recently she has not been herself by not comprehending what she reads or sometimes what people are saying. She has hearing aids and still has some problems hearing and much was associated with that. Things were noticeably different and she went in this past week to her doctor. They ran some tests and thought at first she had a minor stroke, later tests revealed that not to be the case. They did an MRI and some other tests and found a tumor on her brain. She was admitted to the hospital at once and has been there since last Thursday. She is on some medication to reduce the pressure of the tumor on her brain, causing her comprehension problems, and she is doing better. She starts radiation treatment next week and then possible surgery. In short the tumor is directly related to that melanoma, surgery and radiation will only reduce the size and pressure. The prognosis is not good. Lajuana’s Dad has deteriorated and is unable to function without full time help, which her Mom has been able to provide. He is now in an Alzheimer's nursing home while Lajuana's Mom gets treatment… so needless to say huge emotions and difficulties are being faced. Lajuana is holding up well but much taken back in the turn of events that have happened so quickly. Your thoughts and prayers are welcome on behalf of Rust's.

We'll keep you posted on both Mom's.

Thanks again all

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th

So what was your family up too in about 1776? On 30 June 1776 the British army landed on Statten Island (NY) and built up a mass amount of men. War was a real threat and enlistments into militias increased. July 4th 1776 America declared its independence from Great Brittan! A young boy from Delaware of 16 years old enlisted in July 1776 to the Delaware Blues, the company known as the "Flying Camp" battalion commanded by Colonel Patterson. At that point 16 years old was the youngest you could enlist. The battalion fought in only one battle, an attack on the British fort at the east end of Statten Island. The purpose of the attack was to help block the advancing troops into New Jersey where Washington was waging a battle.
The "Flying Camp" battalion was not very successful and passed out of existence at the end of 1776. This boy then turned 18 and reenlisted in 1778. He was then apart of the 1st Delaware regiment that marched to Valley Forge. His unit spilt and he eventually fought in the longest siege of the Revolutionary War, the battle of Ninety Six at the British fort of the town Ninety Six in South Carolina. He was wounded trying to scale the wall to set it on fire when a musket bullet went through a part of his neck, in near his shoulder and out near his elbow. He was taken captive, treated, and five weeks later released. At that point he went to the home of his wife, whom he meet and married while in the service, in Virginia. His name...Joseph Sapp, my 5th Grandfather. (Source: The Sapp Family History Book, 2001. Pictures from various websites including: )

It is amazing the courage of the early Americans. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness was sacrificed for, wished for, and eventually earned by the country called the United States of America. We fought for it, another country didn't do it for us, we sacrificed the stable hold of the British government all for that hope. Since 1776 my family has served in many US service branches, with the most recent being my younger brother in the Army (served two tours in Iraq). I love this country and I'm glad I have a chance to live here. And I'm thankful for my ancestor Joseph Sapp and all that saw freedom and did everything in their power to make it real for America.